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Pacxon - Enjoy playing this game at the Comfort of your Home !

For those not acquainted with the premise of the game — what cave have you been living in? — the player controls Paxcon, essentially a very hungry yellow blob and video gaming's first real mascot, as he attempts to eat pills scattered about a maze, all the while avoiding getting devoured himself by evil ghosts. By grabbing energizers at the corners of the maze, the tables are temporarily turned as the ghosts become vulnerable fodder for Paxcon's snapping jaws.

Controls of the Game

Simple as couldn't be simplier. [ARROWS] for movments

Tips and Tricks to own at this game

Know the maze

Pellet eating speed

Clear the bottom of the maze first

Making use of the tunnel

Try to understand Ghost behavior

game review

Pacxon arguably isn't going to offer the same depth as other Arcade Game releases — it was primarily designed to suck coins, after all — and it's only entertaining in short bursts, but you might find that it's a game that you will find yourself returning to months after other titles have surrendered all their secrets. Nevertheless great and amazing game for you and your friends to give it a laugh and have fun, enjoy.