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Donkey Kong

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The classic that launched the careers of Donkey Kong and Mario. Climb all the way to the top and save the beautiful Pauline from the paws of the giant ape in this colourful platform game. Naturally this is, for the most part at least, the same NES version of Donkey Kong that's already been made available on every Virtual Console thus far — a home port of the classic arcade game that has Mario (or Jumpman, rather) climbing ladders, jumping over barrels and whacking flames with hammers in order to reach the top of a construction site and rescue his beloved Pauline from the clutches of Donkey Kong.

Controls of the Game

Controls are simple, using [ARROWS] to Move and [SPACE] to Jump

Tips and Tricks to own at this game

Within each level, the barrel stage is always the first one. Starting on Level 4, it also appears between the Conveyor Belt Stage and Elevator Stage, and on level 5, between the Elevator Stage and Rivet Stage.

Conveyor Belt Stage only begins to appear on Level 3. It appears before the elevator stage on its first appearance.

Elevator Stage appears on Level 2, before the Rivet stage

Rivet Stage is the climactic stage of each level.

game review

Donkey Kong, and the hero must find his way out of dire situations with deftness like an action movie’s lead. The great ape tries to put the hero’s back against the wall, hurling beams that clatter down randomly and barrels with increased ferocity each round. Jumpman’s mettle is put on trial during every ramp round, as he struggles uphill against a gargantuan competitor trying to keep him down."