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Meynaupede was an old amstrad game published in Hebdogiciel magazine. Here is the game as it remains in all our childhood dream. If you like Snake, the old school game from Nokia 3310 you will like this one. It brings out joy and fun which you used to have as kid, or you still do. Go ahead and give it a try, have fun!

Controls of the Game

with Space you begin, and control with classic [ARROWS], simple isn't it?

Tips and Tricks to own at this game

Only tips you need is not to eat your big tail, that way you die and game is over.

game review

In terms of the core gameplay experience, they have expectedly spiced things up. Meynaupede features a set of 10 levels, which gives you something to aim for as you go along. Unlocking a new level requires completing eating all shiny dots," which ask you both to do things that just involve playing the game well and, sometimes, achieving more ludicrous tasks.