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Robot Tank

Pacxon - Enjoy playing this game at the Comfort of your Home !

You are in control of a Robot Tank, who are out on patrol to destroy enemy robots. You use your weapons to destroy your enemys, a sight to target them, and you shoot at them. If they fire back, you can shoot down their projectiles. Instead of having an obstacle course like another game, it has many changing variatons. You not only have to deal with a day/night cycle, but you also have varying weather to work through, like fog, snow, rain and others. If a robot hits you, you don't always die at once.

Controls of the Game

Just use your [MOUSE], you can put keyboard aside and have fun.

Tips and Tricks to own at this game

Assemble Robot parts as fast as you can

Shooting enemy in head resulting in quick death

Try avoiding Skills shots in order to stay alive

Practice makes perfection, so train

game review

Robot Tank was really fun game to play. The most basic point principal is the individual Robot Tank game that litter the board: they are cumulative and thus the more you assamble robots, the more your score increases. Beyond that, I worried that by having the ability to play endlessly would cause me to immediately tire of the game; there is something to be said by the moderation that down time enforces.